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Sandwich & Party Trays

  • $9.79 Per Person

    Homemade Salad Tray

    Our homestyle salads: Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, and Egg Salad are served with an assortment of gourmet breads and rolls…...

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  • $10.79 Per Person

    Gyro Platter

    Lamb shwarma, warm pita, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Tzatziki sauce. Includes two sides. $10.79 per person  

  • $17.99 Per Person

    Gourmet Sandwich Tray

    An upscale elegant variety of freshly prepared foods on European Style gourmet breads and rolls. Sandwiches include: Crab Cake, Shrimp…...

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  • $14.99 Per Person

    Lombard Street Party

    Half pound sandwiches from a real Jewish Style Deli: Lean Corned beef, Brisket, Pastrami, Turkey and Roast Beef. Served with…...

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  • $11.99Per Person

    Hail Caesar

    Premade chicken Caesar wraps (colorful flour tortillas filled with sliced grilled chicken breast, Caesar salad, dressing and parmesan cheese). Served…...

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  • $12.95Per Person

    Panini Platter

    Signature Panini Sandwiches made on fresh sourdough, grilled to a crisp golden finish. Served on a platter with side dishes…...

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  • $5.50For Two

    Mini sandwiches

    Tuna salad, chicken salad, roasted turkey, ham & cheese, roast beef, corned beef, powerhouse veggie. Two for $5.50 To add…...

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  • $5.95For Two

    Assorted Sliders

    Cheeseburger, crispy buffalo chicken and ranch, cheesesteak, grilled chicken and bacon with honey mustard, grilled vegetable. Two for $5.95 Please…...

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  • $9.79For Two

    Gourmet Sliders

    Crabcake, beef tenderloin, fried shrimp, salmon, portobello & Boursin Two for $9.79 Please Note: Gourmet sliders do not come with sides.…...

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  • $5.95For Two

    BBQ Sliders

    All beef hot dog, bacon cheeseburger, BBQ chicken breast, pork BBQ, veggie burger Two for $5.95 Please Note: BBQ sliders do…...

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